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Wai Thai - The Temple of Well-being

At Wai Thai we have provided a realisable alternative to the dream Spa destinations of the Far East to enable you to spend some quality time in a peaceful, calming atmosphere making this the perfect exotic retreat. This truly holistic experience will bring harmony to both mind and body.

The Wai Thai is a unique traditional Thai massage and natural face and body care centre. In the authentic and mystical Thai setting, the creation of Ivo Kisovec, a master of decorative arts, one can choose from a great range of relaxation and wellness programmes: traditional Thai and other massages, natural face and body care treatments, recreational programmes and meditation.

Original Thai tradition incorporates all the latest medical methods bringing powerful de-stressing benefits to the mind and body. These all-encompassing treatments are all aimed at relieving the negative impacts of a modern lifestyle, such as stress, exhaustion and obesity. In combination with a chosen programme, one is also given individual advice as to the most appropriate healthy diet.

At the Wai Thai centre we use pure natural ingredients derived from herbs, flowers, fruit and minerals, which are prepared in accordance with original oriental formulae and recipes. Natural skin care products of the highest quality as well as equipment by eminent world manufacturers are also used.

Wai Thai - The Temple of Well-being
Thai massage (LifeClass Portorose)
Wai Thai - The Temple of Well-being
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