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Where to find Portoroz

Mediterranean - between Venice and Vienna.

LifeClass Hotels & Resorts is situated in the very centre of Portoroz, small coastal town in the south-west Slovenia, overlooking the picturesque bay of Piran. It lies on the most northern part of the Adriatic.

For decades, Portoroz has been reigning over the bay of Piran and the entire Slovenian coast thanks to its geographical position, accessability and rich tourist offer. The majority of our visitors travel by car or by bus, although there are also many who decide to travel by train. Portoroz is easily reached by plane as well. In fact, in its immediate vicinity there is the Secovlje airport, which is ideal for small planes.

By road:

  • Ljubljana 125 km
  • Opatija (HR) 91 km
  • Zagreb (HR) 252 km
  • Trieste (I) 33 km
  • Venice (I) 190 km
  • Vienna (A) 490 km
  • Munich (D) 485 km


  • Portoroz, Secovlje 5 km
  • Ljubljana, Brnik 143 km
  • Trieste, Ronchi dei Legionari (I) 74 km
  • Venice (I) 190 km
  • Klagenfurt (A) 196 km

Where to find Portoroz

Where to find Portoroz Slovenia


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