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Sport at the LifeClass Resort Portoroz

Numerous acquatic sport centres in Portorož offer a variety of different sport activities: sailing, surfing, water skiing, parachuting, tube-gliding, and many more. You can also hire fishing and water sport requisites. There are also different diving clubs.

In Portorož and its immediate vicinity there are numerous tennis courts, table tennis, baketball, football and volleyball grounds, mini golf, ninepins, bowling, and go-kart centre. The nearest golf course is in Lipica.

In the surroundings of Portorož there are numerous walks and attractive cycling tracks. At the Marina of Portorož you can rent a sailing boat or any other kind of boat. At the Sečovlje airport you can attend a parachute course.

The riding-club Medljan is just the right place if you intend to learn how to ride. Or you can combine riding with relaxing exploration trips to the Karst, where the Lipica stud farm is something you should not miss as it is known as the cradle of the highbred white horse, the Lipizzaner.

Sport at the LifeClass Resort Portoroz
Sport in Portoroz Slovenia
Sport at the LifeClass Resort Portoroz
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